Hi fellow miners! Port 3337 has been enabled to be used for big hashrates and Nicehash users. Users with several TH/s can switch to it for better performance. Port 3336 will still be used for small hashrates, allowing better difficulty calculation.
Welcome to Ecoining
posted 04/14/2018 15:48:11

Welcome to Ecoining Peercoin Pool!

To connect:

  • stratum+tcp://peercoin.ecoining.com:3336 Low hashrates, below the TH/s.
  • stratum+tcp://peercoin.ecoining.com:3337 Big hashrates, over several TH/s. Use this port for Nicehash.
  • Why mining with us?

    • Low 1% pool fee
    • VARDIFF Enabled
    • Dynamic PPLNS payout system
    • Fast Payouts! only 10 confirmations instead of 520.
    • DDOS protection
    • English and Spanish support
    • Low 1% pool fee

    Info and Wallet


    Thank you for your support and donations!