Welcome to Ecoining! Trusted pool, working from 2013. Features: 1% PPLNS fee & Payment after 10 confirmations instead of 520
Today (one time again) Peercoin is the most profitable cryptocurrency
posted 02/01/2017 23:45:48

Very often Peercoin is the most profitable currency from the cryptouniverse

Pick up the calculator and take a look at the profitability of mining SHA256. Source fromĀ coinwarz

What are you waiting for? Are you going to be a ninja squirrel? :)

New blog on Steemit.com
posted 08/01/2016 18:02:52

Hi fellow miners!

I just opened a Blog on Steemit.com to promote Peercoin & Bitcoin!

The first post I introduce myself & explain the history of the Pool. Don't forget to vote up me if you have an account on steemit.com

Ecoining Pool Ops

Grade A+ in Qualys SSL server check and News
posted 04/11/2014 15:00:08

Hello fellow miners!!

A lot of new things are happening in the pool's background lately...

As most of you know we bought new servers and they are working flawlessly. Not a single unexpected drop since the new setup is running and we have a very good speed and reject rate. Also we're solving blocks at an incredible rate. At the time of writing this we are at an awesome 77% of estimated shares in the last 7 days!! You can check the full stats in the STATISTICS/Blocks page.

Along with the new server we've been working in few things, we upgraded Apache and PHP and we've been working in the security Area. Along with future improvements we'll tell you as they come (like Google Authenticator at login), we're so happy we reached A+ Grade in Qualys SSL server test:

You can check it yourself (and all the details) here: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=peercoin.ecoining.com
You can also check against the ssllabs webpage websites like your bank account, other pools or the NSA webpage  to see how it compares :)

A couple of very important upgrades are coming soon too. One of them is a complete front-end redesign in bootstrap.  We are making the frontend more simple, clear & beautiful. Hopefully it will be in production in about 2-4 weeks. The other new feature is a secret for now, while we work on it, but it will be the best thing of the pool in our humble and personal opinion.

Thank you very much community! You are great!

Paumiau & MrBickle
Ecoining Pool Ops

posted 01/06/2014 18:27:41

Welcome to Ecoining Peercoin Pool!

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Dynamic PPLNS payout system

Fast Payouts, only 10 confirmations instead of 520!

DDOS protection

SSL Enabled

English and Spanish support

1% pool fee

Info and Wallet:

Peercoin Official Webpage

Download Wallet here

Peercointalk Official Ecoining Thread

Contact us at support@ecoining.com

Please send us feedback using the Support contact form. We want to hear your opinion.

You can read the F.A.Q. in the left HELP menu.

Thanks for your support and donations!