Getting Started Guide

1. Create account.

  • Register here, or login if you already have account
  • Create a worker that will be used by the miner to login

2. Configure your miner.

    Each ASIC miner is configured differently, although all configurations are similar. You will to set the following parameters: URL, username and password.

    The url is 'stratum+tcp://' (you also must type the stratum+tcp)

    The user is your 'username.workername'

    The password is your 'worker password'


    imagine your username is 'superminer' .You already created your worker. Its name is 1 and its password is X. The configuration will be:

    url: stratum+tcp://

    user: superminer.1

    password: X

    Attention! Peercoin Difficulty is too high. Only is profitable to mine using ASIC hardware

    Please don't mine this cryptocurrency using CPU or GPU. You are probably wasting money, energy and time. Take a look at the or to know the best cryptocurrency to mine

    For now, the pool use Vardiff to calculate and adjust the difficulty of your miner. Difficulty can't be managed by the D= command or a setting controlled by the pool worker setting. This is planned to be changed soon

4. Create a Peercoin address to receive payments.

  • Downloading the client & block chain: Download the Peercoin client from here.

    Generate a new address and input it on your account page to receive payments.